Our exclusive TOOBS® are all-in-one sets including several miniature figures focused on a theme, with packaging that serves as a re-usable portable storage case with a latching top and carry handle. These mini toy sets are great for vacations and trips, dioramas and school projects, or sandplay and other play therapy exercises.

Snake Babies TOOB® Figure Snake Babies TOOB® FINAL SALE Save 46%

Snake Babies TOOB®

Coral Reef  TOOB® Toys Coral Reef  TOOB®
Cave Dwellers TOOB® Toys Cave Dwellers TOOB® FINAL SALE Save 62%

Cave Dwellers TOOB®

The Land Down Under TOOB® Figures The Land Down Under TOOB®
Pelagic Fish TOOB® Pelagic Fish TOOB®
Chinese Zodiac Super TOOB® Toys Chinese Zodiac Super TOOB® FINAL SALE Save 62%
Insects TOOB® Figure Insects TOOB®
Backyard Birds TOOB® toys Backyard Birds TOOB®
Pacific TOOB® Figures Pacific TOOB®
Primates TOOB® Figures Primates TOOB®
Desert TOOB® Learning Toys Desert TOOB®

Desert TOOB®

Exotic Birds TOOB® Learning Toys Exotic Birds TOOB®
Butterflies TOOB® Toys Butterflies TOOB®
Dolphins TOOB® Toy Dolphins TOOB®
Penguins TOOB® Figure Penguins TOOB®
Arctic TOOB® mini toys Arctic TOOB®

Arctic TOOB®

Venomous Creatures TOOB® Figures Venomous Creatures TOOB®
Pony Derby TOOB® Figures Pony Derby TOOB® FINAL SALE Save 46%

Pony Derby TOOB®

North American Wildlife TOOB® Figures North American Wildlife TOOB®
Ocean TOOB® Figures Ocean TOOB®

Ocean TOOB®

Endangered Species - Land TOOB® Learning Toy Endangered Species - Land TOOB®
Dinos TOOB® Learning Toys Dinos TOOB®

Dinos TOOB®

Galapagos TOOB® Learning Toys Galapagos TOOB®
Farm TOOB® Learning Toys Farm TOOB®

Farm TOOB®

Big Cats TOOB® Toys Big Cats TOOB®
Pets TOOB® Figures Pets TOOB®

Pets TOOB®

Frogs & Turtles TOOB® Learning Toys Frogs & Turtles TOOB®
Dogs TOOB® Learning Toys Dogs TOOB®

Dogs TOOB®

Horses & Riders TOOB® Figures Horses & Riders TOOB®
Wild Toob learning toys Wild Toob educational toys

Wild TOOB®

Domestic Cats TOOB® Toys Domestic Cats TOOB®
Farm Babies TOOB® Learning Toys Farm Babies TOOB®
Whales & Dolphins TOOB® Figures Whales & Dolphins TOOB®
Baby Sea Life TOOB® toys Baby Sea Life TOOB®
River TOOB® Figures River TOOB®

River TOOB®

Rainforest TOOB® Figures Rainforest TOOB®