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Our exclusive TOOBS® are all-in-one sets including several miniature figures focused on a theme, with packaging that serves as a re-usable portable storage case with a latching top and carry handle. These mini toy sets are great for vacations and trips, dioramas and school projects, or sandplay and other play therapy exercises.

Ancient Egypt TOOB®
Revolutionary War British Army TOOB®
People at Work Designer TOOB®
Civil War Union Soldiers Designer TOOB® 1 Save 29%
Family Designer TOOB® Save 43%

Family Designer TOOB®

Ancient Rome Super TOOB®
Tools TOOB®

Tools TOOB®

Musical Instruments TOOB®
Sports TOOB®

Sports TOOB®

Bundles of Babies TOOB®
Powhatan Indians TOOB®
Wild West TOOB®
Jamestown Settlers TOOB®
Army Men Designer TOOB®
Pirates TOOB®
USA Presidents TOOB® Save 33%

USA Presidents TOOB®

Days of Old Designer TOOB®
Civil War's Officer's Tent Coming Soon

Civil War's Officer's Tent

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