Wildlife Animal Toys

Wildlife Animal Toys

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Safari Ltd.®’s Wildlife Collections are each unique and diverse. Browse through our Wildlife Wonders, Wild Safari® Wildlife, North American Wildlife, or Wings of the World Birds collections to find a wide array of animal figurines.

Browse through our larger-than-life Wildlife Wonders™ collection, which features XL sizes that are ideal for smaller hands or for decorative use. Our North American Wildlife pieces make their home throughout the US and Canada, while our Wild Safari Wildlife figurines can be found all around the world. If feathers are more your style, choose from any of our colorful and detailed Wings of the World pieces.

Cockatoo Cockatoo Toy


African Wild Dog Toy African Wild Dog
Fox Toy Fox


Gray Wolf Toy Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

River Otter Figure River Otter

River Otter

Coyote  Toy Coyote


Lynx Figure. Lynx


Platypus Figure Platypus


Aardvark toy Aardvark


Beaver Toy Beaver


Wolf Pup Wolf Pup

Wolf Pup

Gray Squirrel Toy Gray Squirrel
Mountain Lion Figure Mountain Lion
Bobcat Toy Bobcat


Whitetail Buck realistic figurine Whitetail Buck
Muskox hand painted figure Muskox figurine


Raccoon Figure Raccoon


Porcupine Figure Porcupine


White Wolf Toy White Wolf

White Wolf

Snow Leopard Figure Snow Leopard
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Black Bear Toy Black Bear

Black Bear

Red Panda Figure Red Panda

Red Panda

blue wildebeest  educational toy blue wildebeest


Gila Monster Toy Gila Monster
Snow Leopard Cub Learning Toy Snow Leopard Cub
Red-Tailed Hawk Red-Tailed Hawk
Meerkat Figure Meerkat


Whitetail baby deer Whitetail Fawn