Winner's Circle Horses

Winner's Circle Horses

The Winner’s Circle collection includes dozens of elegant horse figures, showcasing distinctive breeds from all over the world. Let these toy horses trot, gallop and canter all over your playroom.

Belgian Draft Stallion Save 43%
Quarter Horse Gelding
Arabian Mare Save 40%

Arabian Mare

American Paint Stallion Save 33%
Pinto Mustang Stallion
Appaloosa Foal Save 25%

Appaloosa Foal

Palomino Mustang Stallion
Palomino Foal Save 25%

Palomino Foal

Saddlebred Gelding Save 43%
Percheron Gelding Save 44%
Thoroughbred Stallion Save 33%
Audrey on Streaming Light Set
Rocky Mountain Stallion
Abaco Barb Mare
Appaloosa Mare
Palomino Mare
Mustang Mare
Przewalski's Horse
Clydesdale Foal
Morgan Mare
Arabian Foal
Tennessee Walking Horse Sold out
Clydesdale Stallion
Clydesdale Mare
Andalusian Stallion
James on Dancing Bells Set
Friesian Stallion
Gypsy Vanner Stallion


Pinto Mustang Mare
Quarter Horse
Friesian Mare
Haflinger Mare
Trakehner Mare
Shire Stallion