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Mother's Day Sale | 21% OFF | Use Code: FREEMOM
Mother's Day Sale | 21% OFF | Use Code: FREEMOM

Our Process

It all starts with the design. First, our expert sculptors and artists meticulously research and study every animal to create a hand-crafted Safari Ltd® toy that lasts for generations. Next, we ensure that anything you buy from us is authentic and safe for both your child and the environment.

By taking strict measures to be compliant with all safety requirements and creating eco-friendly packaging on all of our toys, we ensure that both you and your child can experience a safe and fun way to play together.


Interested in checking out how our quality figures come to life? At Safari Ltd®, we carefully craft our toys for the most perceptive eyes of all, those of a child. Our hand-crafted toys are made with the utmost artistic and precise integrity. From research to meticulous artwork, each authentic, quality figurine goes through a detailed process before it hits the shelves.

Safari Ltd® toys are specialty lifetime treasures that don't have to stay on the collection shelf.

Sculpted dinosaur toy

Sculpting Magic

Our group of sculptors and artists, who have expertise in different animals and mythical creatures, meticulously research and study every animal's anatomy prior to creating a lifelike model. Each product is then manufactured in that model's likeness and hand painted with delicacy.

Jaguar toy

Person hand painting dragon toy

Uniquely Crafted

Once the sculpt is finished, our professional artists carefully paint certain toys, detailing every nook and cranny – making no two Safari Ltd® figures exactly alike. This added layer of uniqueness is another reason kids, adults and collectors love our animal toys!

Our artists carefully choose the colors based on the actual animal in order to ensure authenticity. If the creature is only real in our minds, like with our dragon figures, they use imagination and childhood spirit to bring it to life! It's a thorough process that is part skill and creative vision.

Iguana toy

Do you ever wonder how our remarkable products come to be? Inspiration! We believe creativity and good ideas can strike anywhere with anyone. Do you have a great product idea you’d love to see Safari bring to life? Give us a shout!


New Product Recommendations


Two kids laying down playing with octopus and chipmunk toys

Child-Safe and Fun. This is our top priority and enduring promise to you.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our SafariFans. Over the past few years, a major issue for parents has been the harmful materials their children can encounter while playing with toys. A number of children’s toy companies have even had to recall products for using paint with lead and producing toys that are deemed unsafe for anyone.

This is not an issue for Safari Ltd® as we have been working with our factories, which maintain strict protocols on their suppliers of paint, materials and production to ensure our toy creation process exceeds standards. In addition, we take extra measures by testing all of our animal figures and toys. Since our products are imported and distributed all over the globe, they also pass and exceed all worldwide regulations and testing standards.

Baby crawling towards some toys

Another substance that has been deemed unsafe are phthalates from PVC (poly vinyl chloride). Phthalates are softening agents added to PVC, which can be harmful. To ensure the safety of our customers and children, all of our Safari toys are phthalate free.

We are proud to say our toy process includes regular and random checks to our production sites and shipments. Lastly, we strive to provide quality, clean and fun working environments.

If you have any further questions, please check out our FAQ page or feel free to contact us.

Chipmunk toy