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Knights & Dragons Bulk Bag

SKU 760504

  • 48 Pieces Per Bag. Contents Cannot Be Purchased Individually.
  • Slay a dragon with your fellow knights, but don’t forgetthe catapult! This 48 piece Bulk Bag is chock full of brave knights and fearsome dragons.
  • Characteristics: This bag includes nine unique pieces including seven different knights, two of which are on horseback. It also contains dragons and catapults.
  • Size and Color: Our Bulk Bags are 7.5 inches by 8 inches in total, and the pieces inside range between 1.25 inches and 3.75 inches. These knights are well armored, so this Bulk Bag features a lot of silver color, but it's also got some nice reds, blues, and green for the dragon.
  • The Knights & Dagons Bulk Bag is part of the Bulk Bags collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free

Note - Bulk Bags will include at least one of every unique figure, but total number of each figure in Bulk Bag may vary. 

The knights & dragons Bulk Bag will take you on an adventure back to medieval days. Journey to the castle and find a ferocious dragon waiting inside!

Our professionally sculpted miniature figurines from our Bulk Bag collection are individually hand painted with realistic details.

Bulk Bags feature our most popular TOOBS® figures in 48-piece bags. These individually hand painted miniature replicas are characterized by vibrant colors and accurate detail.

Go on an adventure with our knights and dragons TOOBS® today!

This bag includes: knights with lances, halbreds, great swords, 2-handed swords, mounted knights on war-horses, pikemen, catapults and green dragons.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 5.33 L x 20.5 W x 19 H
  • Size in inches: 2.1 L x 8.07 W x 7.48 H
  • UPC: 095866760502