BiOBUDDi Collections


This set can help teach children about the alphabet, numbers, food, symbols and animals. This is a great way to practice vocabulary, as well as cognitive and verbal skills.

Learning to Create

The Learning to Create sets encourage creativity and storytelling with themed sets featuring sports, music, animals, nature, trains and more.

Learning to Build

These 40 to 100 block sets help develop imagination, spatial awareness and motor skills, with a range of colorful blocks and stick-on labels.


Build and learn about your favorite animals, including whale, lion, giraffe, turtle, eagle, elephant, alligator and more. Each set builds two different animals.

Town & City Life

Build your own town with sets themed around a fire truck, fire department, police station, police boat, boutique store, restaurant, bank, rescue, hospital, bakery, karaoke, catwalk, fashion store and ice cream store.


Our BiOBUDDi Character set encourages children to discover their emotions in a fun and inspiring way. Sets include baseball, hiking, riding and walking.


A BiOBUDDi Baseplate is the foundation of every build. Anything a child desires to build starts with here. These baseplates are available in 7 different color options and are made of the same bio-based, eco-friendly material as all BiOBUDDi products.


These sets are specially designed for schools and teachers with 50, 100, 150, 250 to 500 pieces per set. Kids can enjoy farm, daily life, city and animal block assortments


Have some cartoony fun with Swampies-themed truck, plane, space ship, music, Draco, Drag Racer, Raft, Belly Monster, Rainy, Ribby, Gator and Newt.