Fantasy Toys

Fantasy Toys

Here you’ll find all of our fantasy figures, featuring everything from dragons and werewolves to fairies and unicorns. Our whimsical gnomes, fearsome monsters of Ancient Greek mythology, and everything in between are sure to spark the imagination of any child. Explore our collection of fantastical beasts and creatures to immerse your children in a world of creativity and imaginative play!

Friendly Fairies Super TOOB® Collectibles Friendly Fairies Super TOOB®
Zombies Super TOOB® Zombies Super TOOB®
Gnome Family Designer TOOB® Toys Gnome Family Designer TOOB®
Knights & Dragons 2 TOOB® Figures Knights & Dragons 2 TOOB®
Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®  Learning Toys Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®
Gnome Child Toy Gnome Child

Gnome Child

Gnome Mom Toy Gnome Mom

Gnome Mom

Mythical Realms® TOOB® Figure Mythical Realms® TOOB®
Knights & Dragons TOOB® Figures Knights & Dragons TOOB®
Fairy Fantasies® Designer TOOB® Educational Toys Fairy Fantasies® Designer TOOB®
Dragons Designer TOOB®
Dragon Hatchlings Learning Toy Dragon Hatchlings