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Distinct due to their unique and stunning black and white coloration, pandas are a member of the bear family that live in small pockets of south central China. Although pandas are technically considered carnivores, their diet consists of 99% bamboo!

  • Scientific Name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca
  • Characteristics: Reflecting the size, distinct coloration, and almost lackadaisical demeanor that pandas exhibit, this scientifically accurate hand painted figurine captures the spirit of this magical mammal. If you look closely enough at this model, you can see the thumbs that pandas use to help them hold and eat bamboo.
  • Size and Color: 7.6 inches long, 3 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall, this figurine is about the length of a No. 2 pencil, and about as wide and tall as a soda can. Regardless of wherever you decide to display this lazy black and white ursine, make sure you have plenty of bamboo around, pandas can eat up to 40 pounds of it a day!
  • The Panda is part of the Wild Wildlife collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.
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Pandas are a conservation reliant endangered species, meaning they require specific management to ensure their survival. While their population numbers aren't decreasing as rapidly as other vulnerable or endangered species, pandas have a very low birthrate in both captivity and the wild, making it difficult to stabilize and increase their global population. Still, the panda is one of the most protected animals worldwide, providing hope for their future.

  • Recommended Age: 3
  • Size in cm: 19.5 L x 8 W x 11.5 H
  • Size in inches: 7.68 L x 3.15 W x 4.53 H
  • Scale: 1:7
  • UPC: 095866112103
NAME: Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Carnivora FAMILY: Ursidae LENGTH: Approx. 5-6 ft. WEIGHT: 176 to 275 lbs HABITAT: Mountains of China The highly endangered panda, native to China, lives in bamboo forests of mountainous regions. Though classified as a meat-eater, its diet consists almost exclusively of bamboo stems, shoots and leaves, consuming about 80 pounds (36kg) daily. A panda??s paw consists of five fingers and a "thumb", a modified bone that helps them hold bamboo stems. Born white, baby pandas born at about 5 ounces (142 grams), are born one to two at a time.