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Giraffe Baby

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Think baby giraffes are small? Think again! Even when they’re very young, giraffes can be up to 7 feet tall and weigh nearly 250 pounds. While they might not be able to get to the tallest layer of leaves, they have no problem finding fresh greens dangling from tree limbs.

  • Scientific Name: Giraffa camelopardalis
  • Characteristics: Like mature giraffes, young giraffes can easily be identified by their long necks, unique fur pattern, and the skin-covered knobs on the top of their heads called “ossicones.” Crafted with like life realism, this figurine is excellent for educational purposes, play, or display in a collection.
  • Size and Color: 2.9 inches long and 3.5 inches tall, our giraffe baby figurine is a touch bigger than a deck of cards stood upright. This model was hand painted to depict the most common giraffe fur coloration, which is a white coat with brownish-orange splotches.
  • The Giraffe Baby is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.
  • History:

    Despite being large at birth, newborn giraffes still rely on their mothers for protection. Female giraffes will form what’s known as a nursery herd, in which they’ll surround their young and move with them from place to place. Giraffes have even been known to babysit for each other, wherein a mother giraffe will depart temporarily to forage or drink and leave their calf in the care of another female. Don’t be mistaken – mother giraffes are incredibly protective, and will stand directly over their young to shield them from predators.

    • Recommended Age: 3+
    • Size in cm: 7.5 L x 2.5 W x 9 H
    • Size in inches: 2.95 L x 0.98 W x 3.54 H
    • UPC: 095866270728
    A giraffe mother gives birth standing up, dropping her baby 6 ft. to the ground. In minutes, the baby is standing on its long legs.