Unlikely Animal Buddies - Baby Rhino & Goat - Set of 2 Toys

No. 100500

by Safari Ltd
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You may not think a rhino and a goat would make great friends, but this unlikely occurrence has happened at least twice! This set of figures lets you recreate the lovable pairing of baby rhinoceros with pygmy goat.

  • Characteristics: This set includes two accurate, hand-painted figures of a white rhinoceros baby and a pygmy nanny goat, allowing kids to recreate all the romping and playing of these unlikely friends.
  • Size and Color: This set of hand-painted Wild Safari figures contains two animal figures:

    The white rhino baby figure is just under 3 inches long and almost 2 inches tall, slightly smaller than a deck of playing cards on its side. Its skin color is a gray with dark gray accents on its tail and slightly lighter gray on its horns.

    The pygmy nanny goat is 3 inches long and 1 ½ inches tall, about as long as a credit card. Its fur is dark gray above and white below with gray “socks” on its feet and brown hooves.

  • The Unlikely Animal Buddies Baby Rhino & Goat 2 Figure Set is part of the Wild Safari Wildlife collection
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You might not think rhinos and goats go together...too many horns, perhaps? But this unlikely match-up has occurred not once, but at least twice! 

Joey the goat, abandoned by his family, became friends with J'aime the rhino, who'd been orphaned by poachers. Together they found support and comfort in troubled times.

Then there's Lammie the goat and Gertjie the rhino...who thinks he's a goat. Gertjie, or "Little G" as he's affectionately known, is often seen romping and prancing, just like a goat, alongside his best pal Lammie.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
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