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Piglets wrestle for their place right from birth, with the strongest taking the rear teats, which produce the most milk. This is actually good for the entire litter though, for by stimulating greater milk flow to the anterior, hungry piglets ensure an increased flow to all.

  • Scientific Name: Sus domesticus
  • Characteristics: This piglet figure has an especially curious expression on its face, which is not surprising considering how intelligent pigs are. In fact, they can even be trained by caring farmers.
  • Size and Color: This light pink piglet figure is 2 ¼ inches long and one inch tall, comparable in size to a quarter chocolate bar. The darker sharing of its ears, snout, and trotters adds to the realism.
  • The Piglet is part of the Safari Farm collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.


The pig’s full scientific name is Sus scrofa domesticus. They are members of the mammal family, for they have hair, give birth to live young, and produce milk. Pigs are of the order artiodactyla, which includes all even-toed ungulates, or hoofed animals, a group that includes camels, deer, and cattle. They belong to the family suidae, which includes all species of warthogs, wild boars, and of course all breeds of domestic pigs. Because all domestic pigs are related to Eurasian wild boars, they are of the genus sus. The species scrofa includes both wild boars and domesticated pigs, hence the need for the sub-species name domesticus. All scientific classification names come from Latin, which is the language pioneer Carolus Linnaeus used in his original taxonomy guide. Its use today ensures scientists worldwide can use a common language to describe their findings.

  • Recommended Age: 3
  • Size in cm: 5.5 L x
  • Size in inches: 2.17 L x
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