Charolais Calf

No. 231329

by Safari Ltd
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Milky-white Charolais calves are born larger than most other breeds, and their mothers are notoriously defensive. These instincts help ensure the calves’ survival. Charolais are most commonly raised as beef cattle, although they have a history as dairy and draft animals.

  • Scientific Name: Bos taurus
  • Characteristics: With its perky tail and spritely steps, this Charolais Calf is more than a few days old. It’s ready to play in the pasture, but it likes to stay close to its mother.
  • Size and Color: Charolais cattle are noted for their white color, a distinguishing feature, and this calf displays the most typical coloration. At 3 ½ inches long and 2 ¼ inches tall, it’s a little larger than a playing card.
  • The Charolais Calf is part of the Safari Farm collection.
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Charolais cattle come from the old provinces of Charolles and Nievre in France, where cattle were raised for meat, milk, and farm work for hundreds of years. In fact, records note white cattle in this region dating back to the 9th century. They were mostly homebodies until the French Revolution, when upheaval and danger caused many farmers to move, taking their cattle with them, which caused distinctive Charolais cattle to spread more widely through France. It was war, again, that brought more widespread notoriety to these wonderful animals. During World War One, a volunteer in the French army, Jean Pugibet, noted that the white cattle of the region were both beautiful and productive. After the war, he bought several for his ranch in Mexico, from where the breed spread to the United States.

  • Recommended Age: 3
  • Size in cm: 8.4 L x 2.4 W x 5.5 H
  • Size in inches: 3.31 L x 0.94 W x 2.17 H
  • UPC: 095866231309
Although Charolais Cattle are most bred for the beef industry; many people enjoy keeping them as pets. Charolais Calves are docile and friendly.