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Ocean Predators and Prey I - Set of 10 Toys

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The ocean is home to a diverse array of animals, including fish, mammals, reptiles and more! But one thing many of them have in common – the fear of one of the ocean’s top predators: the Great White Shark. This large shark can grow to over 20 feet long and feeds on everything from sea turtles to dolphins to sea lions!

  • Characteristics: This set of 10 sea life toys includes a Great White Shark and many of its prey animals, some of whom are predators themselves! In addition to the shark, this figure set includes two Sea Lions, two Dolphins, three Sea Turtles (a Loggerhead, a Green and a Leatherback), and two Rays (a Manta and a Cownose Ray). These scientifically accurate figures represent the wide range of animals commonly preyed upon by Great White Sharks.
  • Size and Color: This set of Sea Life figures contains 10 aquatic animal figures:

    The Great White Shark is 6 ¼ inches long, with gray coloration above and white below, with black eyes and pink for the gums of its mouth.

    The California Sea Lion is 4 ¾ inches long and is brown with a lighter brown head, and darker brown flippers and tail.

    The Sea Lion is just over 3 inches long and just over 2 inches tall, and is brown with lighter brown on its head and darker brown on its flippers and tail.

    The Dolphin figures are 5 inches long and 4 ½ inches long, and feature blue gray above and white below.

    The Green Sea Turtle is 4 inches long and 4 ¼ inches wide. Its shell is brown and its skin is a dark olive brown above fading to white below.

    The Loggerhead Turtle is 3 ¾ inches long and 3 ½ inches wide, with a brown shell, cream colored skin and dark brownish-green scales, and a yellow beak.

    The Leatherback Sea Turtle is. 4 ¼ inches long and 5 ¼ inches wide, with a gray shell and lighter grayish white accents.

    The Manta Ray is 4 ½ inches wide and 5 ¾ inches long, with black above and white below, and white blotches on its back.

    The Cownose Ray is almost 5 inches long including the tail, and about 3 ½ inches wide. It’s brown above and cream colored below.

  • The Ocean Predators and Prey I 10 Figure Set is part of the Wild Safari Sea Life collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free


The ocean is full of mammals, fish, and reptiles. Most of them fear one animal above all others - among the top predators, few can challenge the Great White Shark. This apex predator has changed very little in millions of years, as it is pretty much perfect at what it does as it is. A recent study estimated that the bite force of a Great White Shark could be up to 4000 PSI - four times that of a lion.
  • Recommended Age: 3+
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