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Myths & Monsters Bundle - Set of 6 Toys

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Mythical creatures from ancient cultures come to life in this six figure set of Myths & Monsters. Unleash your imagination with this fantastical bundle!

  • Characteristics: This set features six Mythical Realms figures, including the Chimera, a creature that combines a lion, a serpent and a goat; the Griffin, a half lion, half eagle monster; Cerberus, the three headed guard dog of the Underworld; the Phoenix, an immortal bird that burns and is reborn again from the ashes; the Unicorn, a horse-like being with a long spiral horn on its head; and the Minotaur, a half man, half bull creature that lives in a maze called the Labyrinth.
  • Size and Color: Each of the six figures in this set represents a creature from Greek Mythology, and is hand-painted to capture imaginative detail.

    The Chimera is 7 inches long and is painted in browns, grays and blue-greens to reflect the varied nature of the animals that make it up.

    The Griffin is 4 ½ inches long with a 5 ¼ inch wingspan, and is painted in brown and gold, with a cream-colored underside and yellow orange front feet with black talons.

    Cerberus measures 4 ¾ inches long and features mostly black fur, with reddish brown collars.

    The Phoenix features a 7 inch wingspan with a translucent orange, red and yellow coloration.

    The Unicorn is 5 ½ inches long and 4 ½ inches tall, with a mostly white coat and vibrant flowers in its mane.

    The Minotaur is a bit over 4 inches tall and features a dark brown tunic with silver buckles and rivets, with a brown coat of fur.

  • The Myths & Monsters 6 Figure Set is part of the Mythical Realms collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free


In Ancient Greece and Rome, myths and legends told the story of their religion. It dealt with their gods and goddesses, and how they interacted with the world, often including fantastical creatures and beasts unlike anything found in nature.

Though we know now that they did not exist, Unicorns were not considered mythological by the Ancient Greeks, but were actually thought to exist in India. It's believed that they may have been misinterpreting descriptions of the rhinoceros, or individual oryx antelopes who had lost one of their two horns.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
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