Cardinal - Good Luck Minis®

No. 349322

by Safari Ltd
  • 192 Pieces Per Bag. Only Available in Bulk Purchase.
  • The North American cardinal is a nearly universally recognized bird due to its bright color and sweet song. They live year-round in the eastern United States, extending south to the Yucatan Peninsula. Seven states call the beautiful cardinal their state bird.
  • Scientific Name: Cardinalis cardinalis
  • Characteristics: These male cardinal figures stand on a sturdy base. Set them in a wild bird project or use them as prizes or giveaways for bird programs.
  • Size and Color: Bright red, this grape-sized figure displays the well-known male cardinal.
  • Cardinals are part of the Good Luck Minis® collection
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  • History

    Because they live in a variety of habitats and eat a diverse array of food, cardinal conservation status is Least Concern. They are widespread in North America now, but that hasn’t always been the case. Cardinals were once considered southern birds, seldom seen north of the Ohio River. But in the early twentieth century, the bird extended its range up the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and toward Canada, where it is now well established.

    • Recommended Age: 5+
    • Size in cm: 20.25 W x 25.5 H
    • Size in inches: 7.97 W x 10.04 H
    • UPC: 095866349301
    The vibrantly red Cardinal is commonly found across all of the eastern United States making it the state bird of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Cardinals sit in shrubs and trees near the ground, often in pairs whistling their sweet song.