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Blue Whales - Good Luck Minis®

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  • 192 Pieces Per Bag. Only Available in Bulk Purchase.
  • The massive Blue Whale swims all oceans except the Artic, and it is still the largest animal known to have lived on earth, measuring 100 feet long and weighing 200 tons. Even the largest and longest dinosaurs don’t quite measure up.
  • Scientific Name: Balaenoptera musculus
  • Characteristics: From the depths of the world’s oceans to the palm of your hand, these mini Blue Whales are ready for ocean dioramas or artwork, or they can be used in ocean conservation educational programs or lessons.
  • Size and Color: Greyish blue, these passive beasts live up to their name. These soft Blue Whale minis are about an inch long.
  • Blue Whales are part of the Good Luck Minis® collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
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    Despite their size, or perhaps because of it, Blue Whales have not fared well in recent centuries. The twentieth century was especially difficult, as whaling fleets wreaked havoc on Blue Whale populations, leading to their classification as an endangered species and worldwide legal protection. With commercial whaling outlawed, it’s expected that Blue Whale populations have at least stabilized. Perhaps the most amazing feature of these incredible creatures is their ability to communicate over long distances. The low-frequency sound waves they emit travel very quickly through water, and the sounds reach hundreds or even thousands of miles, possibly allowing Blue Whales to communicate over seemingly impossible distances. They’re certainly loud, with Blue Whale vocalizations measuring louder than a jet engine.

    • Recommended Age: 5+
    • Size in cm: 5 L x 20.25 W x 25.5 H
    • Size in inches: 1.97 L x 7.97 W x 10.04 H
    • UPC: 095866345907
    Blue Whales are 70 feet long and eat 4-8 tons of krill every day. Blue Whales have stiff, thin plates in their mouths called baleen that filter krill from the water.