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Endangered Sea Life - Set of 10 Toys

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The ocean is home to a diverse array of animals, including fish, mammals, reptiles and more! Unfortunately many of these creatures face threats to their very existence. Learn about the challenges our ocean animals face with this set, featuring some of the most endangered sea animals on the planet.

  • Characteristics: This set of sea life toys includes 10 scientifically accurate, hand-painted and highly detailed figures of endangered ocean animals including the Vaquita Porpoise, the Sei Whale, the Right Whale, the Whale Shark, the Green Sea Turtle, the Shark Ray, the Manatee, the Manta Ray, the Walrus, and the Polar Bear.
  • Size and Color: This set of Sea Life figures contains 10 endangered aquatic animals:

    The Vaquita Porpoise is 3 ¾ inches long, 1 ½ inches tall and features dark gray above that fades to white below. Its pectoral fins and face include the species’s distinctive markings.

    The Sei Whale is 7 ¾ inches long and 1 ¼ inches tall, with dark blue gray above fading to white below, with small oval markings along its body.

    The Right Whale is 9 ¼ inches long. Its body is black with a white patch on its underside and whitish callosities on its head.

    The Whale Shark is 7 ¼ inches long and 2 ¼ inches tall. It’s blue gray above and white below, with white stripes and spots along its body.

    The Green Sea Turtle is 4 inches long and 4 ¼ inches wide. Its shell is brown and its skin is a dark olive brown above fading to white below.

    The Shark Ray, also known as the Bowmouth Guitarfish, is 4 ¾ inches long and 1 1/3 inches tall, with dark blue skin and light blue markings on its body, with a white underside.

    The Manatee is 6 inches long and 2 inches tall, with gray wrinkled skin and greenish accents to represent the algae that grows on its body.

    The Manta Ray is 4 ½ inches wide and 5 ¾ inches long, with black above and white below, and white blotches on its back.

    The Walrus is just over 4 ½ inches long and 2 1/3 inches tall, with an orange-brown hide and beige tusks.

    The Polar Bear is 2 ¼ inches tall and 4 ¾ inches long, with a creamy white fur coat.

  • The Endangered Sea Life Figure Set is part of the Wild Safari Sea Life collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free


The ocean is full of an amazing array of diverse wildlife. Unfortunately, much of these creatures find themselves in danger of extinction. Fish, mammals, reptiles...all face threats from pollution, climate change, and illegal hunting.
  • Recommended Age: 3+
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