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Dragons of the Elements TOOB

SKU 100416

• The Dragons of the Elements control the natural elements: fire, water, earth, and air, as well as ice and plants. And you can control the dragons in this Designer TOOB featuring six unique dragon figures.

• Characteristics: This set includes 6 figures: the Fire Dragon, the Air Dragon, the Flora Dragon, the Water Dragon, the Earth Dragon, and the Ice Dragon. Each represents a unique natural element.

• Size and Color: 1.75 inches long, 1.75 inches wide, and 10.5 inches tall, this Designer Toob is a bit smaller than the size of a standard American ruler and contains 6 different figurines that range from 2 to 3 inches tall. The figures display a wide range of colors, including several shades of blue: deep blue for the Water Dragon, a medium blue for the Air Dragon, and a pale blue for the Ice Dragon. The Earth Dragon is a dull earthen brown, while the Fire Dragon is a sooty black with red and yellow flames. The Flora Dragon features shades of green.

• The Elemental Dragons Designer TOOB® is part of the TOOBS® collection

• All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free

• 6 pieces per TOOB®. Contents Cannot Be Purchased Individually.


These Dragons represent the core elements that hold the world together – fire and water, earth and air, the verdant plants of a fertile spring and the freezing, barren cold of the frozen winter.

Together they strike a balance, always vying for superiority but evenly matched. They make their homes in the furthest corners of the world, older and more attuned to the Earth than all other dragons. The elementals are sometimes thought to be the first dragons, physical avatars of the core aspects of the world. It is believed by some that all other dragons sprung from these six.


  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 5.59 L x 5.59 W x 33.15 H
  • Size in inches: 2.2 L x 2.2 W x 13.05 H
  • UPC: 095866004521