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Dragons of Nature - Set of 4 Toys

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The Dragons of Nature embody the wilderness, designed to represent their homes and habitats, and the characteristics of the creatures that dwell there. This figure set contains four dragons with a forest and wilderness theme.

  • Characteristics: These four dragons represent their lush habitats, with features that help them camouflage and blend in amongst the trees and creatures of the woodlands. This set includes the Thorn Dragon, Stag Dragon, Forest Dragon and Jungle Dragon.
  • Size and Color: This set features four individually hand-painted dragons that represent nature.

    The Jungle Dragon is covered in green leaf design elements and gray-brown bark-like legs, and stands 5 inches tall.

    The Forest Dragon is 5 inches tall and 6 inches long, and features shimmery green scales with accents of silver, gray and black.

    The Stag Dragon is 5 ½ inches tall and combines elements of classic dragons with the antlers, fur and hooves of a deer. It features silvery gray scales and light brown fur.

    The fearsome, spiny Thorn Dragon is 5 inches tall and 5 ½ inches long and is painted in browns, golds and greens, resembling and old and twisted tree or bush.

  • The Dragons of Nature 4 Figure Set is part of the Dragons collection
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Dragons are often depicted as “Forces of Nature”, tied closely with nature, elements and the earth. They are ancient beings believed to be some of the oldest creatures in the world, according to many legends.

These dragons’ strong connection to their habitats and the creatures that reside there has resulted in the dragons taking on features of their environment. Many regard these creatures as the spirits of the woods and jungles they call home.  

  • Recommended Age: 4+
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