Queen Sofia

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Queen Sofia of the Kingdom of Vrenada shares the traits of wisdom and fairness with her husband, King Alfred. In fact, when the king must be away, she rules in his stead, and the people know her to be kind and thoughtful.

  • Characteristics: Queen Sofia wears a beautiful dress displaying the many shades of blue that make up the Ruguk Sea. The dress is a reminder that the sea controls the destiny of the Kingdom of Vrenada.
  • Size and Color: Along with her sea-colored dress, Queen Sofia wears a red jewel on a necklace, a relic from the first rulers of Vrenada that has been passed through countless generations. She stands 4 inches tall.
  • Queen Sofia is part of the Days of Old® collection.
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Queens in Vrenada aren’t made so by birth; Sofia became queen by winning the heart and mind of the brave, intelligent Alfred. As a girl, she loved horseback riding and games, often challenging her elders to games of chess. It was this adventurous spirit mixed with thoughtful intelligence that first attracted Alfred, years before he would become king. When she became queen, a dress of sea blue was made for her, in recognition of the importance of the sea in the life of Vrenada. She was also given the Jewel of Iorr, an ancient relic precious to the kingdom. Her crown, like the king’s, was made with dragon fire.


The Kingdom of Vrenada considers ruling a sacred duty, so its people take seriously the installation of kings and queens. Although all queens wear the Jewel of Iorr, goddess of spring, and the crown of Vrenada, each queen is fitted with a uniquely designed dress, representative of her personality and loves. Queen Sofia spent many hours as a youngster riding horses on the shores of the Ruguk Sea, always pondering the mysteries of that ever-changing water. So when the time came for her to select her queen’s dress, she requested several shades of blue, a darker shade to represent the sea’s power, and a lighter shade to recognize its bounty. She had these colors hemmed in white, a symbol of age, to remind her of the wisdom of Vrenada’s elders, which she always hoped to heed. Finally, thin gold stripes were added as symbols of wealth, that she might remember how Vrenada maintained its prosperity through peace and wisdom.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 7 L x 7.5 W x 10.4 H
  • Size in inches: 2.76 L x 2.95 W x 4.09 H
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The gentler side of the ruling family, she is known for her wisdom and compassion. She administers all affairs of the court, organizes the social calendars of family members and makes sure that foreign visitors are attended to. She is also a renowned archer and has never been beaten in competition.