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Princess Juliet

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Princess Juliet is the youngest child of King Alfred and Queen Sofia of the Kingdom of Vrenada. She is a smart, free-spirited, active princess, just as comfortable roaming the Klugert Forest as she is dining at a gathering of dignitaries.

  • Characteristics: Princess Juliet’s crown isn’t just a gorgeous decoration; it’s a representation of the Kingdom of Vrenada itself. The kingdom’s flag contains purple and gold, symbols of a past now shrouded in legend, and the purple appears in Juliet’s crown as a reminder.
  • Size and Color: Every prince and princess of Vrenada dresses as they please, but they also have a unique, individually tailored outfit for special occasions. Juliet’s gown is a deep purple, matching one of the colors in her kingdom’s flag. Ready to dance or run, she stands 3 ¾ inches tall.
  • Princess Juliet is part of the Mythical Realms® collection.
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The Kingdom of Vrenada is a place where dragons still occasionally appear, and the Klugert forest at the kingdom’s boundaries is full of all types of strange beasts, fell and fair. Legends are remembered and retold in Vrenada, and one story tells of a great storm when the Ruguk Sea threatened to flood the coast. At the hour of greatest need, a purple dragon, perhaps a Jewel Dragon or Cloud Dragon, appeared, flapping powerful wings and blowing with all its might, fighting against the sea itself. The dragon’s efforts paid off; the sea was calmed, and the people, saved. From that day, the tattered golden flag of Vrenada was re-stitched to include purple stripes, a reminder that the kingdom was one day saved by a dragon. Purple is held in high esteem, and always one royal child wears a gown or tunic of purple.


Ever full of curiosity and enthusiasm, Princess Juliet decided one morning to spend the day exploring the Klugert Forest, the vast, old wood at the Kingdom of Vrenada’s borders. Entering the forest wasn’t prohibited, but it was understood that the forest could be a dangerous place, just as much because one could get lost as because of the mysteries that lurked within. Juliet rode her favorite horse, a spirited black stallion, toward the forest, dismounting a few steps in as the trees grew thicker. Once inside, where the sun seldom shone, the forest was dark and silent, yet reverberating with energy and life. Juliet wasn’t quite sure what she hoped to find; she simply liked exploring. She walked for hours, leading the horse by a rope, until she heard strange noises ahead, like a great creature breathing. The noises stopped as she did. She waited. Suddenly, with a rush of wind, a dragon larger than her horse dropped from the trees above her and stood just feet away, its wings held aloft and intelligent face turned slightly. The dragon was purple, with a silver underside, and it appeared to be wearing jewels of some kind. At the thought, Juliet touched the crown upon her head, itself containing purple jewels. At this gesture, the dragon lowered its head, appearing to bow. Then it turned, and in a rush of wind, was gone. Juliet smiled. No one would ever believe this.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 5.4 L x 6.6 W x 9.69 H
  • Size in inches: 2.13 L x 2.6 W x 3.81 H
  • UPC: 095866705701
Vivacious and energetic, Juliet is known to gracefully dance through the courtyards and gardens, sometimes to imaginary music. When she is not busy keeping up with all the activities in the castle, she is enjoying her favorite activity, riding bareback on her beloved white stallion.