Princess Emily

No. 705204

by Safari Ltd

The oldest child of King Alfred and Queen Sofia of the Kingdom of Vrenada, Princess Emily is wise, graceful, and inventive. Although she could someday be queen, she would be just as happy designing ships or teaching the youth of Vrenada about the past.

  • Characteristics: Princess Emily wears the Emerald Crown and the Forest Necklace, both symbols of the vast Klugert forest that borders the Kingdom of Vrenada. The emeralds in her crown were set with dragon fire, and they can never be removed or damaged.
  • Size and Color: Green isn’t just a fashion statement for Princess Emily of the Kingdom of Vrenada; it’s a recognition of the importance of the vast, wild forest that borders the kingdom. Emily wears her beautiful dress with grace, standing 3 ¾ inches tall.
  • Princess Emily is part of the Days of Old® collection.
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The Klugert forest that forms the northern and eastern borders of the Kingdom of Vrenada is the source of all many of the kingdom’s legends. It has been a place of great bounty and adventure, but it has also sometimes been a place of darkness and fear. For sure, fell beasts roam there, Dark Dragons and worse. But it is also home to an elusive fairy kingdom and some benign dragons, although sightings are rare. In additional to its magical stock, the forest provides shelter and life to countless traditional arboreal dwellers, such as birds, deer, and wild horses. The forest is represented in the Kingdom’s symbolism by the color green, worn in the clothes and crown of the eldest child of the ruling family.


Unlike princesses in other kingdoms, few rules determine the fate of Princess Emily of Vrenada. She need not become queen, although her wisdom and humor would serve her well in that role. This princess wishes to be an inventor. She’s always enjoyed tinkering. Anytime something broke in the castle, she would take it apart to understand how it worked, whether it was as simple as a mirror or as complex as a spinning wheel. Living in a coastal kingdom, her true passion though, is ships. Emily hopes to one day design and build speedy trading ships and great galleons to keep her kingdom safe. She spends hours watching the shipbuilders as they select the perfect trees. They explain how they must see the ship in the tree before they will cut it. She’s learned of sails, compasses, and pulleys. She knows all the parts of a ship, from the rudder to the bow. She’s built a small row boat and a larger fishing boat already, simple vessels, but her talent is obvious. Someday soon, she will have her wish.

  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Size in cm: 5.09 L x 6.8 W x 10.1 H
  • Size in inches: 2.0 L x 2.68 W x 3.98 H
  • UPC: 095866705206
A radiant beauty and adept in music and the arts, she is courted by many young princes of neighboring kingdoms. Her many suitors gaze in amazement and admiration of her grace at the royal balls. Gifted with the ability to play the lute and other instruments, she is also an accomplished singer.