Prince Patrick

No. 705404

by Safari Ltd

The middle child of King Alfred and Queen Sofia of the Kingdom of Vrenada, Prince Patrick is a brave romantic, just as adept swinging a sword as penning a sonnet. By the ancient laws of Vrenada, he can never become king, but he is still respected and beloved by the people.

  • Characteristics: In the history and symbolism of Vrenada, red represents dragon’s fire, remembering the legacy of dragons that have always been part of the kingdom’s story. Blue represents the sea, for Vrenada is a coastal kingdom, dependent on the waters. Prince Patrick’s royal garb combines both these colors, a constant reminder of his homeland.
  • Size and Color: Standing 4 inches tall, proud Prince Patrick wears the red and blue so significant to the Kingdom of Vrenada. He carries a rose plucked from the palace courtyard, perhaps for his mother, Queen Sofia.
  • Prince Patrick is part of the Days of Old® collection.
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The crowns of the royal family of Vrenada hold stories all their own. Prince Patrick’s crown, a simple circle of gold with raised golden blocks, represents the battlements of Heathersage Keep, the central fortress of the kingdom, a refuge during the rare dark times. In the early days, when Ghost Dragons sprung from the Klugert Forest and ravaged the countryside, the people flocked to the keep. In later years, when the sea would rise and threaten the coast, the keep was once again a place of solace. Fashioned of gold, the crown of Prince Patrick is a constant reminder of the strong walls of Heathersage Keep and their valuable place in protecting the kingdom.


Whereas in many lands, legends are just one generation away from myths, legends in Vrenada are prized, maintained, and carefully retold so the people do not forget their past. One such legend tells of a mighty dragon, the color of the sea, that rose from the waters with red eyes, intent on terrorizing the coastal villages. The watchful city sentinels rang the village bell, a warning and clarion call both. The bells warned citizens to flee to Hearthersage Keep, but they also called the brave knights of Vrenada to action. Working as one, a dozen knights, wearing the golden armor and purple tunics of the kingdom, drove at the dragon with long lances, pushing it back toward the sea. Realizing that no easy plunder could be gained here, the Sea Dragon dove into the water, leaving roiling waves behind, and was never seen in the kingdom again.

  • Recommended Age: 3
  • Size in cm: 6 L x 8.30 W x 10.3 H
  • Size in inches: 2.36 L x 3.27 W x 4.06 H
  • UPC: 095866705404
Young, dashing and fond of adventures, he is both an expert horseman and skilled hunter. His thirst for thrills and danger sometimes tests the patience of his family, although his exploits are quickly became legendary. Local folk songs tell of his rescue of a young princess from the lair of an evil troll.