King Alfred

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In the Kingdom of Vrenada, where the river Galm flows into the Ruguk Sea, King Alfred reigns with Queen Sofia. It is a quiet kingdom, one almost lost to the pages of history, for the thick, nearly impassible Klugert forest separates it from the wider world. Here there be dragons.

  • Characteristics: Regal and proud, King Alfred displays the open hand of peace, with the centuries’ old scepter of Vrenada clasped in his right hand. His crown is also a relic from the deep past, said to be melded by dragon fire.
  • Size and Color: A patchwork of regal colors brings King Alfred to life. Deep red and gold are most prominent, but his blue shirt reminds all that this is a kingdom dependent on the sea. The figure stands 4 inches tall.
  • King Alfred is part of the Days of Old® collection.
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The Kingdom of Vrenada is mostly a peaceful place, although its history is checkered with the occasional dragon, witch, or worse. It’s a place where magic hasn’t been forgotten, where legends have not become myths. With miles of old-growth forest between Vrenada and its neighbors, the kingdom has mostly forged its way without outside influence. King Alfred has reigned for 25 years, ever since he won the scepter of Vrenada at the kingmaking ceremony after the passing of old King Rufus. Unlike many kingdoms, Vrenada does not pass kingship by heredity. Rather, when one king passes, citizens recommend candidates for the crown. Those candidates participate in days of challenges, mental and physical, testing both their virtue and valor. King Alfred won the scepter and has continued the age of peace and prosperity in Vrenada.


Alfred scratched his beard and looked at the tapestries on the throne room wall, hoping for inspiration from the ancients. Being king wasn’t all about christening new ships or chasing dragons into the wood. Today, he faced a unique challenge: two citizens both claimed a cow as their own. Even in Vrenada, cows cannot speak, so the king was left to solve the difficulty. Both citizens were known to be honest and upright, so Alfred doubted any ruse afoot. A moment of inspiration came. The king asked each citizen to approach privately and describe the cow in great detail. Both described a very different cow, and King Alfred suddenly realized the problem. He called one citizen forward, asking him to describe the colors of his cloak. Just as Alfred suspected, the man’s eyes weren’t seeing colors correctly, which had led to the assumption that his neighbor had taken his cow. All was set aright, and the people rejoiced over their wise king.

  • Recommended Age: 3
  • Size in cm: 5.09 L x 7.2 W x 10.6 H
  • Size in inches: 2.0 L x 2.83 W x 4.17 H
  • UPC: 095866705008
A valiant warrior and beloved king who rules with a firm but just hand. As a prince he fought and defeated a rogue dragon that was terrorizing the kingdom. He eventually became king and has since kept his lands safe and prosperous which created great admiration among his people. He is known as King Alfred the Great.