Unlikely Animal Buddies - Baby Hippo & Baby Rhino - Set of 2 Toys

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by Safari Ltd
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Sometimes, two animals form an unlikely bond that melts your heart. Take Charlie and Makhozi, the abandoned hippo and rhino pair who became the best of friends. You and your children can recreate this adorable pairing with this exclusive gift set featuring a hippopotamus baby and white rhino baby figures!

  • Characteristics: This set includes two accurate, hand-painted figures of a hippopotamus baby and a white rhinoceros baby, allowing kids to recreate this unlikely remarkable animal friendship.
  • Size and Color: This set of hand-painted Wild Safari figures contains two animal figures:

    The hippopotamus baby is almost 3 inches long and is 1 ¾ inches tall, slightly smaller than a credit card on its side, and features a dark reddish brown above fading to a lighter deep pink color below.

    The white rhino baby figure is almost 3 inches long and nearly 2 inches tall, a little smaller than a deck of cards on its side. Its skin color is a slate gray with darker gray for the hair of its tail and slightly lighter gray on its horns.

  • The Unlikely Animal Buddies Baby Hippo & Rhino 2 Figure Set is part of the Wild Safari Wildlife collection
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Charlie the hippo and Makhosi the rhino were both abandoned by their families, and picked up by rescuers who took them to a wildlife sanctuary. 

Makhosi was inconsolable and couldn't be calmed down, until one of her rescuers decided out of frustration to open up the gate between Makhosi and Charlie's enclosures, letting them meet each other. Incredibly, they bonded almost immediately, snuggling up together and comforting each other.

Since then, they've been at each other's side giving support during tough times!


  • Recommended Age: 3+
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