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Baby Dragons - Set of 4 Toys

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These four dragon figurines show off the cuter side of dragons. These newborn dragon figures seem more interested in romping and playing than the usual dragon activities (that often involve fire breathing). Show them how to play nice together!

  • Characteristics: These just-hatched baby dragon figures are so young, some of them haven’t even fully left the egg! This set of 4 figurines includes the Baby Luck Dragon, Baby Ocean Dragon, Baby Love Dragon, and pair of Dragon Hatchlings.
  • Size and Color: This set contains three individually hand-painted dragons that represent the innocence of youth. Even dragons start off as babies!

    The puppy-like Baby Luck Dragon is 3 inches tall, 3 ½ inches long and is mostly white with gold and copper highlights.

    The affectionate Baby Love Dragon is 3 inches tall and 2 ¾ inches long and is painted in shades of pink and silver.

    The Baby Ocean Dragon is 4 inches long and 4 inches tall, painted in blues and greens to reflect is watery environment.

    The Dragon Hatchlings pair features two purple and silver Cloud Dragons emerging from their silvery eggs, with another unhatched egg. The Dragon Hatchlings are a single, connected piece, and not separate figures.

  • The Baby Dragons 4 Figure Set is part of the Dragons collection
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free


Dragons, being reptiles, hatch from eggs. Though most grow to be quite large and intimidating, all dragons were babies at some point. Is it so out of the question to think that baby dragons might even be…cute?

While there isn’t a whole lot of folklore about baby dragons, it’s believed that the myth of the dragon may have developed independently in many different cultures from all over the world. European and Chinese Dragons are probably the most well-known, but unique dragon myths appear in the Americas and Australia as well. It’s possible that all of these myths were inspired by the same source, which may have been dinosaur bones, large sea animals like whales (believed to be “sea serpents”), or large reptiles such as alligators and crocodiles.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
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