Toy Sets


Our popular TOOBS® are all-in-one sets including several miniature figures focused on a theme, with packaging that serves as a re-usable portable storage case with a latching top and carry handle. These mini toy sets are great for vacations and trips, dioramas and school projects, or sandplay and other play therapy exercises.


Good Luck Minis®

Our popular Good Luck Minis® are pocket-sized tiny figurines that are perfect for craft projects, event giveaways, or just keeping around for good luck! Our themed fun packs will help you create your own tiny world of mini toys!


Life Cycle Sets

Life Cycle figure sets from Safari Ltd® are an awesome educational tool to help children understand the changes organisms go through from birth to maturity. These toy figure sets contain scientifically accurate, hand-painted figures that show how animals progress from tadpole to frog, from caterpillar to butterfly, from egg to chicken and so much more.