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View all of our eco-friendly and educational building block sets here.

Child playing with building blocks


This set can help teach children about the alphabet, numbers, food, symbols and animals. This is a great way to practice vocabulary, as well as cognitive and verbal skills.

Child playing with building blocks

Learning to Create

The Learning to Create sets encourage creativity and storytelling with themed sets featuring sports, music, animals, nature, trains and more.

Child playing with building blocks

Learning to Build

These 40 to 100 block sets help develop imagination, spatial awareness and motor skills, with a range of colorful blocks and stick-on labels.

Whale block toy


Build and learn about your favorite animals, including whale, lion, giraffe, turtle, eagle, elephant, alligator and more. Each set builds two different animals.

Town and City Life toy blocks

Town & City Life

Build your own town with sets themed around a fire truck, fire department, police station, police boat, boutique store, restaurant, bank, rescue, hospital, bakery, karaoke, catwalk, fashion store and ice cream store.

Character toys


Our BiOBUDDi Character set encourages children to discover their emotions in a fun and inspiring way. Sets include baseball, hiking, riding and walking.

Baseplate toys


A BiOBUDDi Baseplate is the foundation of every build. Anything a child desires to build starts with here. These baseplates are available in 7 different color options and are made of the same bio-based, eco-friendly material as all BiOBUDDi products.

Educational toy blocks


These sets are specially designed for schools and teachers with 50, 100, 150, 250 to 500 pieces per set. Kids can enjoy farm, daily life, city and animal block assortments.

Swampies toys


Have some cartoony fun with Swampies-themed truck, plane, space ship, music, Draco, Drag Racer, Raft, Belly Monster, Rainy, Ribby, Gator and Newt.

Safari Collections

Girl playing with dog toys

Best in Show

Our Best in Show collection makes great gifts, especially for dog and cat lovers! Additionally, these toys encourage the art of outdoor play and can help educate children about different breeds of animals.

Two boys looking through binoculars


This collection is ideal for S.T.EM learning, role playing and they make perfect science project companions! Our Life Cycle figure sets will teach children about biological processes, allowing kids to have fun while they interact with their environment.

Girl holding a dragon toy


Ready for to explore the fantastical world of mythical beasts with Safari Ltd.'s Dragons? These figures inspire fantasy and role-play and are perfect for the gamers in your life!

Girl playing with fairy toob toys


Looking for great travel toys, DIY, or even items for school projects? Our exclusive TOOBS® are all-in-one sets including several miniature figures focused on a theme, making them the ideal choice for sensory bins, party favors, decorations and more!

Two girls playing with mythical creature toys

Exclusive Gift Sets

Our new Exclusive Gift Sets offer some of our most popular figures in themed sets. Save when you buy Bundles and get everything you need for the SafariFan in your life in one place!

Girl playing with wildlife toys

Wild Safari® North American Wildlife

Wildlife and Nature enthusiasts who are wild about North American creatures will love this collection! Collectors and kids who enjoy displaying figures of local animals or animals they saw on a visit to a park will keep the experience going with these toys!

Two girls playing with fairy toys

Fairy Fantasies®

Our colorful variety of spritely winged fairies are perfect ways to enhance imagination! Plus, they're great for decor at parties and in the garden. Starting with a small fairy garden now can encourage your little ones to try planting larger fruits, veggies and flowers later.

Boy holding up a dinosaur toy

Wild Safari® Prehistoric World

Calling all Dinosaur lovers! If you or your child loves to play or display Dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, these toys are perfect for you! Educators who want to teach with scientifically accurate models can benefit from these figurines!

Pile of Good Luck Mini toys

Good Luck Minis®

Good Luck Minis® are pocket-sized tiny figures that are perfect for terrariums, sensory bins, art projects, DIY, party decorations, giftbags and much more! The possibilities are endless with these toys. Enjoy and let your imagination go wild!

Sea creature toys next to a pool

Wild Safari® Sea Life

With the Safari Sea Life collection, you can truly explore under the sea! Kids can use them for pretend play in the tub or at the beach! They can even be used in classrooms to help teach about the ecosystem! Also, they make fantastic gifts for the sea lover in your life.

Dinosaurs in a prehistoric time

Great Dinos

Our Great Dino Collection can be considered the Little Sibling Dinos! When the older children are in their dino phase and can pronounce every strange name in the Wild Safari Prehistoric World collection, toddlers and younger kids can play with a less expensive Great Dino that's durable and can withstand some wear and tear.

Girl looking at wildlife toys with binoculars

Wild Safari® Wildlife

The Wild Safari® Wildlife collection feature some of the most iconic animals in the Safari. Kids can use them for imaginative play, adults can use them for decor, and educators can use them in the classroom to teach about the diverse biology of planet Earth.

Girl playing with a sea creature toy in a pool

Incredible Creatures®

Our Incredible Creatures Collection are great for very young children! These reptiles, fish, invertebrates, mammals and other figures are not only highly detailed, but are scaled so children can learn about real animal sizes. Best of all, they make great bath or pool companions!

Boy playing with a giraffe

Wonderful Wildlife

Wonderful Wildlife are the most detailed toys of Safari Ltd. They are ideal for collectors and decoration, but they make great friends for toddlers. Additionally, these toys come in handy during school or art projects season.

Picture of an orca

Monterey Bay Aquarium® Sea Life

Developed in conjunction with the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, this collection is a great fit for marine life enthusiasts! These scaled ocean animal figures of whales, sharks and more can be used as educational tools to provide a more accurate understanding of sea life.

Boy looking at bird toys with binoculars

Wings of the World Birds

Need gifts for the bird watchers & nature lovers in your life? Wings of the World Birds is the perfect choice! These various bird figures from around the world are perfect for dioramas and school projects.

Girl holding up a mythical creature toy

Mythical Realms®

Pulling from fantasy and folklore from around the world, this collection brings a whole new meaning to fantasy play. Whether you need props during storytime, goodie bag items, or decor for parties, Mythical Realms® is the perfect collection for you.

Girl playing with horse toys

Winner's Circle Horses

The Winner’s Circle collection includes dozens of elegant horse figures! They are as close as you get to a live horse that fits in the palm of your hands and are best suited for Play Therapy or as collectibles for horse enthusiasts.

Boy playing with farm animal toys

Safari Farm

Safari Farm animals are a great way for children to bring barn animals in the house - without the mess! These cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and much more are a perfect compliment to the Winner's Circle Horses and Best in Show collections.

Bookcase in a child's room

Friends of Safari

Friends of Safari items are the perfect match for Safari Ltd figures. The Smart Noggin toys help babies develop, the Bakku backgrounds take kids into their own world with their Safari Ltd animals, while the storage options give all the figures a home, so they're not wandering around lost.