Winner's Circle Horses | Toy Horse Collections by Safari Ltd<sup>®</sup>

Winner's Circle Horses | Toy Horse Collections by Safari Ltd®

The Winner’s Circle collection includes dozens of elegant horse figures, showcasing distinctive breeds from all over the world. Let these toy horses trot, gallop and canter all over your playroom.

Rocky Mountain Stallion - Horse Rocky Mountain Stallion FINAL SALE Save 57%

Rocky Mountain Stallion

Hanoverian Mare Horse Hanoverian Mare FINAL SALE Save 58%

Hanoverian Mare

Arabian Mare FINAL SALE Save 40%

Arabian Mare

Pinto Mustang Mare Horse Pinto Mustang Mare FINAL SALE Save 26%

Pinto Mustang Mare

Abaco Barb Mare toys Abaco Barb Mare FINAL SALE Save 37%

Abaco Barb Mare

Arabian Mare for boys Arabian Mare toy for children FINAL SALE Save 21%

Arabian Mare

Friesian Mare Horse Friesian Mare
Tennessee Walking Horse Figure Tennessee Walking Horse
Appaloosa Mare Toy Appaloosa Mare
James on Dancing Bells Set - Man on Horse James on Dancing Bells Set
Morgan Mare - Horse Morgan Mare

Morgan Mare

Thoroughbred - Horse Thoroughbred
Bashkir Curly Toy Bashkir Curly
Mustang Mare - Horse Mustang Mare
Quarter Horse Gelding Figure Quarter Horse Gelding
Fjord Toy Fjord


Arabian Mare Toy Arabian Mare
Audrey on Streaming Light Set Toy Audrey on Streaming Light Set
Shire Stallion ff Shire Stallion
Przewalski's Horse Figure Przewalski's Horse
Tinker Toy Tinker


Morgan Stallion - Horse Morgan Stallion
Palomino Mare- Horse Palomino Mare
Clydesdale Stallion Toy Clydesdale Stallion
Andalusian Stallion Toy Andalusian Stallion