Wings of the World Birds

Wings of the World Birds

This collection is for the birds! Our Wings of the World collection includes bird figures from around the world, including seabirds, birds of prey, colorful parrots, and more. They are all designed with great attention to accurate and realistic details, making these bird toys perfect for kids and collectors alike.

Raven Raven


Harpy Eagle Toy Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle

Peacock Peacock


Peregrine Falcon Figure Peregrine Falcon
Kookaburra Figure Kookaburra


Flamingo Flamingo


Barn Owl Barn Owl

Barn Owl

King Vulture King Vulture
Cockatoo Cockatoo Toy


Blue Budgie Blue Budgie Toy

Blue Budgie

Hyacinth Macaw Toy Hyacinth Macaw