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Back to School Sale! | 20% OFF | Use Code: BTS
Wildlife Animal Toys | Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd.® Wildlife Collections

Safari Ltd.®’s Wildlife Collections are Each Unique and Diverse

Browse through our larger-than-life Wonderful Wildlife collection, which features XL sizes that are ideal for smaller hands or for decorative use. Our North American Wildlife® collection features creatures that make their home throughout the U.S. and Canada, while our Wild Safari Wildlife® figurines represent animals from all around the world. If feathers are more your style, choose from any of our colorful and detailed plastic animal toys from the Wings of the World® collection.

  • Kangaroo with Baby - Safari Ltd®

    Kangaroo with Baby

    5.0 star rating 4 Reviews

    Although this little joey may look old enough to survive on its own, some kangaroo infants will stay in their mother’s pouch for up to 200 days! Ev...

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  • Kangaroo with Joey - Safari Ltd®

    Kangaroo with Joey

    5.0 star rating 5 Reviews

    As marsupials, kangaroo babies (called joeys) stay in their mothers’ pouches for up to 200 days before being fully able to venture off into the wor...

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