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Although the wild boar is primarily native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, humans have helped spread its range much further. Because of this, the wild boar, also known as the Eurasian wild pig, is considered to be one of the widest-ranging mammals worldwide.

  • Scientific Name: Sus scrofa
  • Characteristics: Beautifully hand painted and professionally sculpted, all Safari figurines are designed with scientific accuracy and life-like detail as a priority. Although boars have a somewhat notorious reputation as being aggressive and territorial, you have nothing to fear from this furry friend!
  • Size and Color: Boars can be a wide range of colors, including black, brown, tawny, and tan. 3.5 inches long and 2.25 inches tall, this figurine is a bit bigger than a deck of cards stood on its side.
  • The Boar is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection.
  • : All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.
  • History:

    Despite the wild boar’s current vast range and large worldwide population, prior to the 1900’s their numbers in the wild were decimated as a result of over hunting. In fact, it’s believed that the British population of wild boars most likely went extinct during the 13th century. Currently, boars are classified as a species of least concern and are in no danger of becoming vulnerable or endangered.

    • Recommended Age: 3+
    • Size in cm: 9 L x 2 W x 5.75 H
    • Size in inches: 3.54 L x 0.79 W x 2.26 H
    • UPC: 095866224202
    Present Status Wild boar are considered a dangerous and invasive pest in many areas. They damage crops and compete with native species for food and territory. They can be especially damaging in the closed ecosystems of islands such as Hawaii, Galapagos, and Fiji. IUCN has them listed as least concern as they are in no danger of becoming extinct.