Wild Safari<sup>®</sup> Wildlife

Wild Safari® Wildlife

The Wild Safari® Wildlife collection is our core line of scientifically accurate animal figures, featuring some of the most iconic animals to walk the earth. Toy lions, tigers, bears…and much more, all highly detailed, hand-painted, and ready for play.

African Wild Dog Toy African Wild Dog
Lowland Gorilla with Baby Figure Lowland Gorilla with Baby
Reticulated Giraffe Figure Reticulated Giraffe
Black Panther Black Panther FINAL SALE Save 20%

Black Panther

Platypus Figure Platypus


Bengal Tiger Toy Bengal Tiger
Wild Playmat FINAL SALE Save 70%

Wild Playmat

African Elephant Baby Toy African Elephant Baby
Clouded Leopard Toy Clouded Leopard
Dromedary Camel Toy Dromedary Camel
blue wildebeest  educational toy blue wildebeest


Bengal Tiger Cub Toy Bengal Tiger Cub
Spider Monkey Learning Toy Spider Monkey
African Elephant Baby Toy African Elephant Baby
Panda Panda FINAL SALE Save 29%


Caiman Toy Caiman


Wildebeest Baby FINAL SALE Save 40%

Wildebeest Baby

Lowland Gorilla Baby Figure Lowland Gorilla Baby
Ring-tailed Lemur Figure Ring-tailed Lemur
White Bengal Tiger Cub Figure White Bengal Tiger Cub
Hyena  Figure Hyena


Panda Cub Figure Panda Cub

Panda Cub

Llama Figure Llama


African Elephant Learning Toy African Elephant Toy
Thomson's Gazelle Toy Thomson's Gazelle
Cassowary Toy Cassowary


Bactrian Camel Toy Bactrian Camel
Bengal Tigress Toy Bengal Tigress
Snow Leopard Cub Learning Toy Snow Leopard Cub
Alligator Toy Alligator


Giraffe11 Giraffe


Honey Badger Figure Honey Badger
Sable Antelope Figure Sable Antelope
Tasmanian Devil Toy Tasmanian Devil
Lion Figure Lion


Aardvark toy Aardvark