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Wild Safari® Prehistoric World Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures of the past come alive again in our Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection! With accurate depictions based on the latest scientific research, these highly detailed toy dinosaur figures for kids offer a three-dimensional glimpse into the world of long ago. Our educational dinosaur figures are perfect for playtime learning exercises and fun for both boys and girls.


Sarcosuchus Sarcosuchus


Deinonychus - Safari Ltd® Deinonychus - Safari Ltd®


Edmontosaurus - Safari Ltd® Edmontosaurus - Safari Ltd®


Ichthyosaurus - Safari Ltd® Ichthyosaurus - Safari Ltd®
Dilophosaurus - Safari Ltd® Dilophosaurus - Safari Ltd®
Shringasaurus - Safari Ltd® Shringasaurus - Safari Ltd®


Qianzhousaurus - Safari Ltd® Qianzhousaurus - Safari Ltd®
Concavenator Concavenator