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FREE Shipping on USA orders over $50
Wild Safari<sup>®</sup> Prehistoric World Dinosaur Toys | Safari Ltd®

Realistic Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures of the past come alive again in our Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection! With accurate depictions based on the latest scientific research, these highly detailed, realistic dinosaur toys for kids offer a three-dimensional glimpse into the world of long ago. Our educational dinosaur figures are perfect for playtime learning exercises and fun for both boys and girls.

The realistic dinosaur toys in the Wild Safari® Prehistoric World collection are great learning tools to help your children understand more about the distant past and the creatures that roamed the earth back then. Each figure is made with durable, high-quality materials and carefully crafted to accurately portray the appearance of these amazing beasts.

  • Styracosaurus - Safari Ltd®
    Styracosaurus - Safari Ltd®


    4.7 star rating 3 Reviews

    Second perhaps only to Triceratops as the most well-known Ceratopsian, Styracosaurus lacked the eyebrow horns of its cousin, but more than made up...

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