Wild Safari<sup>®</sup> North American Wildlife

Wild Safari® North American Wildlife

The Wild Safari® North American Wildlife collection includes toy animal figures of some of the most well-known creatures living in the North American region. From toy wolves to wolverines, bears to beavers, moose to mountain lions, these highly detailed and hand-painted wild animal figures represent the amazing creatures found on the North American continent.

Beaver Toy Beaver


Wolverine Learning toy Wolverine


Arctic Fox for kids Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Black Fox Toy Black Fox FINAL SALE Save 50%

Black Fox

Fox Toy Fox


Gray Squirrel Toy Gray Squirrel
Coyote Pup Toy Coyote Pup

Coyote Pup

Black Bear Cub Toy Black Bear Cub
Jim the Park Ranger Figure Jim the Park Ranger
Grizzly Bear Collectible Grizzly Bear
Coyote  Toy Coyote


American Badger American Badger
Raccoon Figure Raccoon


American Desert Hare American Desert Hare
Mountain Lion Figure Mountain Lion
Moose Figure Moose


Bison hand painted figurine American Bison


Porcupine Figure Porcupine


Standing Black Bear Toy Standing Black Bear
Cow Moose Toy Cow Moose

Cow Moose

Grizzly Bear Toy Grizzly Bear
Kermode Bear educational toy Kermode Bear
Wolf Pup Wolf Pup

Wolf Pup

Whitetail Buck realistic figurine Whitetail Buck
Bobcat Toy Bobcat


Gray Wolf Toy Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

White Wolf Toy White Wolf

White Wolf

Caribou Learning Toy Caribou


Peccary Figure Peccary


Whitetail female deer Whitetail Doe
Black Bear Toy Black Bear

Black Bear

Grizzly Bear Cub Toy Grizzly Bear Cub
Desert Tortoise Toy Desert Tortoise
Elk Bull Toy Elk Bull

Elk Bull

Black Wolf Toy Black Wolf

Black Wolf

Bull Moose Toy Bull Moose

Bull Moose

Lynx Figure. Lynx