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Back to School Sale! | 20% OFF | Use Code: BTS

Create-A-Space Storage Center

SKU 100865

Help your children get organized while they learn and get creative with this colorful Create-A-Space storage center!

· Characteristics: This organization and storage container features a circular tray with 8 removable containers as well as a central hub that can be used to store pens and pencils.

· Size and Color: This storage center features a 12 inch white circular tray with 8 containers in purple, green, red and blue.

· The Create-A-Space Storage Center from Learning Resources is part of our Friends of Safari collection.

To play this game of strategy and learning, place the acorns in the tree. Each player gets a log-shaped game piece. The player whose turn it is spins the spinner, and then grabs an acorn with the squirrel squeezer to place in their log according to the color the spinner landed on. In addition to colors, the spinner can land on “One acorn”, (choose any color acorn from the board for your log), “Two acorn” (choose any two acorns from the board for your log), “The Sneaky Squirrel” ( steal an acorn from another player’s log), “Sad Squirrel” (lose a turn) and “Squirrel Storm” (return all your acorns back to the game board).

  • Recommended Age: No age