What's New

What's New

It’s finally here! Check out our entire new 2019 collection – dinosaurs, wildlife, TOOBS, Good Luck Minis, scaled Incredible Creatures and much more! We’re pulling out all the stops to make 2019 our most imaginative year ever!

Orca - Whale Orca


Chimpanzee Toy Chimpanzee


Giraffe11 Giraffe


Giraffe Baby Toy Giraffe Baby
Albino Burmese Python Toy Albino Burmese Python
Caiman Toy Caiman


Primates TOOB® Figures Primates TOOB®
Pelagic Fish TOOB® Pelagic Fish TOOB®
Dolphins TOOB® Toy Dolphins TOOB®
Thoroughbred - Horse Thoroughbred
Snub Nosed Monkey Figure Snub Nosed Monkey
Grizzly Bear Toy Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

French Bulldog Toy French Bulldog
Salmon Figure Salmon


Desert Fun Pack Learning Toys Desert Fun Pack
Chinchilla Toy Chinchilla


Bamboo Shark Toy Bamboo Shark
Marble Ray Figure Marble Ray

Marble Ray

Sperm Whale Sperm Whale Figure

Sperm Whale

Mandrill Figure Mandrill


Serval Figure Serval


Persian Cat Learning Toy Persian Cat

Persian Cat

Large White Pig Figure Large White Pig
Pacific TOOB® Figures Pacific TOOB®
Llamas - Good Luck Minis® Figure Llamas - Good Luck Minis®
Giant Squids - Good Luck Minis® Learning Toy Giant Squids - Good Luck Minis®
Oceanic Whitetip Shark Figure Oceanic Whitetip Shark
Honey Badger Figure Honey Badger
Fennec Foxes - Good Luck Minis® Learning Toys Fennec Foxes - Good Luck Minis®
Red Pandas - Good Luck Minis® Figures Red Pandas - Good Luck Minis®
Sloths - Good Luck Minis®  Figure Sloths - Good Luck Minis®
Beavers - Good Luck Minis® Toy Beavers - Good Luck Minis®
Chameleons - Good Luck Minis® Toys Chameleons - Good Luck Minis®
Pets Fun Pack Figures Pets Fun Pack
Pangolin Figure Pangolin