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Holiday Toy Shop

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Safari Ltd®’s Toys That Teach® make a great gift for the holiday season. Children and adult collectors alike will be delighted with our hand-painted, scientifically accurate figures that help them learn while they play (or display)! Whether your interests are prehistoric beasts, wildlife and sea life, fantasy creatures, or exploring the backyard, Safari Ltd® is there with the perfect gift.

Good Luck Minis TOOB
Life Cycle of a Honey Bee
Jaw Snapping Great White Shark
Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly
Energy Ball

Energy Ball

Solar System
Life Cycle of a Chicken
Farm Fun Pack
Desert Fun Pack
Life Cycle of a Frog
Evolution of Man
Arctic Fun Pack
Life Cycle of a Mosquito Save 40%

Life Cycle of a Mosquito

Life Cycle of a Ladybug
Wild America Fun Pack
Wild Fun Pack
Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle
Enlightened Buddhas - Good Luck Minis® Save 40%
Apatosaurus - Good Luck Minis® Save 40%
Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant
Garden Fun Pack
Birds Fun Pack
Sea Life Fun Pack
Fantasy Fun Pack
Alligator Snapper
Dino Fun Pack
Savanna Fun Pack
Ranch Fun Pack
Republican Elephant - Good Luck Minis® Save 55%
Life Cycle of an Ant
Rainforest Fun Pack
Exotic Fun Pack
Coral Reef Fun Pack
Brown T-Rex Snapper
Green T-Rex Snapper
Translucent Red Luminocular