Our exclusive TOOBS® are all-in-one sets including several miniature figures focused on a theme, with packaging that serves as a re-usable portable storage case with a latching top and carry handle. These mini toy sets are great for vacations and trips, dioramas and school projects, or sandplay and other play therapy exercises.

Ocean Bulk Bag Figure Ocean Bulk Bag
Exotic Birds Bulk Bag Learning Toys Exotic Birds Bulk Bag
Fairy Tale Animals TOOB® Learning Toys Fairy Tale Animals TOOB®
Farm Babies TOOB® Learning Toys Farm Babies TOOB®
Dino Babies TOOB® Learning Toys Dino Babies TOOB®
Coral Reef Bulk Bag Toys Coral Reef Bulk Bag
Baby Sea Life Bulk Bag mini toys Baby Sea Life Bulk Bag
Dogs TOOB® Learning Toys Dogs TOOB®

Dogs TOOB®

Army Men Designer TOOB® mini toys Army Men Designer TOOB®
In the Water Bulk Bag  Figures In the Water Bulk Bag
Reptiles Bulk Bag Figures Reptiles Bulk Bag
Ponies TOOB® Figures Ponies TOOB®

Ponies TOOB®

Wild West TOOB® Wild West TOOB®
Petting Zoo TOOB® Figures Petting Zoo TOOB®
Pets Bulk Bag Figures Pets Bulk Bag

Pets Bulk Bag

Penguins TOOB® Figure Penguins TOOB®
Whales TOOB® Toys Whales TOOB®

Whales TOOB®

Venomous Creatures TOOB® Figures Venomous Creatures TOOB®
Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®  Learning Toys Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®
Endangered Species - Marine TOOB® Learning Toys Endangered Species - Marine TOOB®
Domestic Cats TOOB® Toys Domestic Cats TOOB®
Frogs & Turtles Bulk Bag Learning Toys Frogs & Turtles Bulk Bag
Dragons Designer TOOB®
Carnivorous Dinos TOOB® Toys Carnivorous Dinos TOOB®
Around the World Bulk Bag toys Around the World Bulk Bag