Our exclusive TOOBS® are all-in-one sets including several miniature figures focused on a theme, with packaging that serves as a re-usable portable storage case with a latching top and carry handle. These mini toy sets are great for vacations and trips, dioramas and school projects, or sandplay and other play therapy exercises.

Space Bulk Bag Figure Space Bulk Bag
Galapagos TOOB® Learning Toys Galapagos TOOB®
Butterflies TOOB® Toys Butterflies TOOB®
Snake Babies TOOB® Figure Snake Babies TOOB® FINAL SALE Save 46%

Snake Babies TOOB®

Rainforest TOOB® Figures Rainforest TOOB®
Frogs & Turtles TOOB® Learning Toys Frogs & Turtles TOOB®
Deep Sea Creatures TOOB® Toys Deep Sea Creatures TOOB®
Whales & Dolphins TOOB® Figures Whales & Dolphins TOOB®
Farm Bulk Bag Learning Toys Farm Bulk Bag

Farm Bulk Bag

Farm Babies Bulk Bag Learning Toys Farm Babies Bulk Bag
Arctic TOOB® mini toys Arctic TOOB®

Arctic TOOB®

Fruits & Vegetables TOOB® Miniatures Fruits & Vegetables TOOB®
Days of Old Designer TOOB® Days of Old Designer TOOB®
Coral Reef  TOOB® Toys Coral Reef  TOOB®
In the Sky TOOB® Figures In the Sky TOOB®
Primates TOOB® Figures Primates TOOB®
Ancient Rome Super TOOB® toys Ancient Rome Super TOOB®
Trains Bulk Bag Educational Toy Trains Bulk Bag FINAL SALE Save 68%

Trains Bulk Bag

Sharks Bulk Bag Figures Sharks Bulk Bag
Ancient Egypt TOOB® miniatures Ancient Egypt TOOB®
Dinos TOOB® Learning Toys Dinos TOOB®

Dinos TOOB®

Horses TOOB®f Figure Horses TOOB®

Horses TOOB®

In the Woods TOOB® Figure In the Woods TOOB®
Insects Bulk Bag Figures Insects Bulk Bag
Revolutionary War British Army TOOB® Figures Revolutionary War British Army TOOB®
Pirates TOOB® Figures Pirates TOOB®
Pacific TOOB® Figures Pacific TOOB®
North American Wildlife TOOB® Figures North American Wildlife TOOB®
Powhatan Indians TOOB® Figures Powhatan Indians TOOB®
Dolphins TOOB® Toy Dolphins TOOB®
Ancient Fossils TOOB® toys Ancient Fossils TOOB®
Human Organs TOOB®- Kidneys, Intestine, Lungs, Brain, Stomach, Heart, Liver, and More Human Organs TOOB®
Jamestown Settlers TOOB® Figures Jamestown Settlers TOOB®
Mythical Realms® TOOB® Figure Mythical Realms® TOOB®
River TOOB® Figures River TOOB®

River TOOB®

New York City TOOB® Figures New York City TOOB®