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Holiday Gifts - 12 Days of Deals

 Simplify Your Holiday Shopping with Safari Ltd's 12 Days of Deals!❄️
Each day - Christmas Eve we'll post a new deal! Stay tuned!

1. BOGOs on Gift Sets - Code: BOGOSETS   2. $10 OFF orders of $25+ - Code: HOLIDEAL-10OFF
3. $15 Off Gift Cards - Code: GIFT15    4.  5% Off Bernie's Best Sellers - Code: HOLIDEAL5  
5. Free Shipping on U.S orders of $35+* - Offer Available 12/16
*Free shipping valid in the U.S only. Shipping rates cannot exceed $40.
6. Free Hot Deals Toy* With Orders of $50 or more - Offer Available 12/17
*NOTE: Free Toy is not automatically added. You must add it from our Sale Items Collection and enter code FREETOY to redeem. When adding this item as a free gift the subtotal of other items must be $50 or more in order for the discount to work.
7. 7% Off Incredible Creatures, Safariology, Good Luck Minis, and TOOBS - Available on 12/18
8. 10% Off Sea Life, Monterey Bay, Winner's Circle, Safari Farm, Best in Show & Wings of the World Birds Collections - Offer Available 12/19
9. 12% Off North American Wildlife, Wild Safari Wildlife, Wonderful Wildlife & BiOBUDDi Collections - Offer Available 12/20
10. 15% Off Dragons, Great Dinos, Prehistoric World & Mythical Realms Collections - Offer Available 12/21
11. 20% Off Sitewide - Offer Available 12/22   12. Bundle, Save & Play with 15- 35% off Holiday BundlesNo Code Needed

Safari Ltd®’s Toys That Teach makes a great gift for the holiday season. 
*All coupon codes expire on December 24th at 11:59 pm. Discounts cannot be combined. Only one per order.
Safari Ltd Gift Card Safari Ltd Gift Card
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Safari Ltd Gift Card

African Wild Dog African Wild Dog
Fox Toy Fox


Gray Wolf Toy Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

Smilodon Smilodon


River Otter River Otter

River Otter

Coyote Coyote


Bigfoot Bigfoot


Beaver Beaver


Octopus Octopus


Lynx Figure. Lynx


Platypus Figure Platypus


Aardvark toy Aardvark


Woolly Mammoth Woolly Mammoth
Gray Squirrel Toy Gray Squirrel
Doedicurus Doedicurus


Giant Sloth Giant Sloth

Giant Sloth

Whale Shark Whale Shark Educational Toy

Whale Shark

Whitetail Buck Whitetail Buck
Raccoon Raccoon


Mountain Lion Mountain Lion
Wolf Pup Wolf Pup

Wolf Pup

Giant Squid Giant Squid

Giant Squid

Bobcat Bobcat