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Happy Dragon

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Happy Dragons frequent small towns, open forests, and other places where children gather to play. Known for their bold colors, gentle demeanor, and wide smiles, Happy Dragons are among the mildest of all dragons, seldom growing larger than the children they love so much.

  • Scientific Name: Draco felix
  • Characteristics: Vibrant colors draw smiles wherever these dragons go. Their smiling faces and kind gestures make them instant favorites.
  • Size and Color:A bluish purple body contrasts with a bright orange underbelly, with just a bit of bright blue accents in the horns and claws. The Happy Dragon measures 4 ½ inches tall, about the height of a pop can.
  • The Happy Dragon is part of the Dragons collection
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Many a lost child has returned home telling stories of a bluish-orange creature who led the way. And many a sad and fearful little one has been comforted during hard times by the soft smile and uplifting spirit of this tender dragon. For hundreds of years, Happy Dragons were considered only legends, until one rescued a child separated from her parents at a theme park in the late-twentieth century. This lent credibility to the dozens of stories through the years of smallish friendly dragons.


Wiping tears from a dirty face, the child turned in all directions. Lost. Night was nearing, and the child had become separated from her friends in the forest. It would be dark soon, and she despaired at spending a night in the woods alone. Leaves rustled nearby. Some creature was near! She ducked behind a tree, peeking out just enough to see the strangest sight she’d ever beheld. It was purple and orange, about her height, standing on two legs, and looking right at her! Frozen in fear, she wasn’t sure what to do, when the creature suddenly smiled warmly and waved. The fear melted away. It began to walk in the opposite direction, looking over its shoulder and motioning the girl to follow. She did, confident that it was a friend. Several minutes later, just as dusk fell, they reached the edge of the forest where her village was nestled. The girl ran ahead, happy to be safe once more. She turned to thank her guide, but all she saw was a wisp of purple smoke. Had it all been a dream?

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size in cm: 7.5 L x 10.25 W x 11.5 H
  • Size in inches: 2.95 L x 4.04 W x 4.53 H
  • UPC: 609366000091
Present Status Occasionally seen and reported by young children.