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Safariology® Educational Science Toys for Kids

These Toys that Teach® are the Perfect Way to Blend Education and Play:

The Safariology® line is devoted to helping children explore the natural world through science by helping them develop an interest in STEM fields – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – at an early age. Our Life Cycle figure sets will help children learn about biological processes and the growth cycles of our planet’s most interesting creatures.

Our Safariology® tools are great for backyard explorers who want to role-play as scientists or adventurers to interact and learn about their environment. With educational science toys for kids such as compasses, binoculars, magnifiers, and more, your child will be more interested than ever in the world around them.

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    Farm Activity Bundle

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    This Farm Activity Bundle is filled with toys and a free learning guide that will help kids learn more about life on the farm by engaging in imagin...

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    Original price $83.95
    Current price $64.99
    Save 23%