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Safari Ltd believes in the art of play and has made it their mission for the last 3 generations to create Toys That Teach to educate children about the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play. Whether it's a historical dinosaur, a mythical dragon, or incredible creatures, these animal figures spark imagination and speak to the innate curiosity in all of us.

Wild Fun Pack Wild Fun Pack
Exotic Fun Pack
Arctic Fun Pack toys Arctic Fun Pack
Dino Fun Pack Learning Toys Dino Fun Pack
Solar System Solar System
Ocean Fun Pack Figures Ocean Fun Pack
Farm Fun Pack Learning Toys Farm Fun Pack
Fantasy Fun Pack33s Fantasy Fun Pack
Space TOOB® Space TOOB®

Space TOOB®

Garden Fun Pack Educational Toys Garden Fun Pack
Ranch Fun Pack Educational Toy Ranch Fun Pack
Birds Fun Pack Toys Birds Fun Pack
Desert Fun Pack Learning Toys Desert Fun Pack
Savanna Fun Pack Figures for Crafts Savanna Fun Pack
Lucky Fun Pack Figure Lucky Fun Pack
Energy Ball Learning Toy Energy Ball

Energy Ball

Evolution of Man Learning Toys Evolution of Man