Safari Farm

Safari Farm

Take a trip down to the farm with our Safari Farm collection featuring a wide range of farm animal toys, including cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and much more!

Lippizzaner Stallion - White Horse Lippizzaner Stallion FINAL SALE Save 67%

Lippizzaner Stallion

Brown Swiss Calf Toy Brown Swiss Calf FINAL SALE Save 44%

Brown Swiss Calf

Brown Swiss Bull Learning Toy Brown Swiss Bull FINAL SALE Save 58%

Brown Swiss Bull

Mule Figure Mule FINAL SALE Save 32%


German Shepherd Puppy FINAL SALE Save 33%

German Shepherd Puppy

Jersey Cow Figure Jersey Cow FINAL SALE Save 17%

Jersey Cow

Angus Calf Angus Calf

Angus Calf

Sow - Female Pig Sow


Holstein Cow Figure Holstein Cow
Kid Goat Figure Kid Goat

Kid Goat

Donkey Foal Toy Donkey Foal

Donkey Foal

Nanny Goat Figure Nanny Goat

Nanny Goat

Rabbit Figure Rabbit


Sitting Piglet Educational Toy Sitting Piglet
Turkey Toy Turkey


Hereford Calf - Baby Cow Hereford Calf
Piglet Figure Piglet


Ongole Cow Figure Ongole Cow

Ongole Cow

Holstein Calf - Baby Cow Holstein Calf
Sheep Figure Sheep


Duck Toy Duck


Donkey Toy Donkey


Boar Toy Boar


Lamb - Baby Sheep Lamb


Texas Longhorn Bull Toy Texas Longhorn Bull
Large White Pig Figure Large White Pig
Ayrshire Cow Toy Ayrshire Cow
Holstein Bull - Male Cow Holstein Bull
Angus Cow Angus Cow

Angus Cow

Guernsey Cow Toy Guernsey Cow
Angus Bull Angus Bull

Angus Bull

Pygmy Nanny Goat - Farm Pygmy Nanny Goat
Phoenix Rooster - Chicken Phoenix Rooster
Ewe sheep  Learning Toy Ewe


Billy Goat Toy Billy Goat

Billy Goat

Hen & Chicks