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Hereford Calf

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Hereford cattle naturally come from the county of Herefordshire, England, where they first bred in 1742 to meet the growing needs of an industrializing nation. They are best known for an impressive proclivity to turn grass into meat.

  • Scientific Name: Bos taurus
  • Characteristics: This extremely popular beef cow gets a start as a gangly calf, complete with long legs, short tail, and a more rounded face.
  • Size and Color: Herefords are recognized by their reddish brown coats with white accents. This Hereford Calf is 3 ½ inches long, a little longer than a credit card.
  • The Hereford Calf is part of the Safari Farm collection.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.
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In 1742, there was no such thing as cattle that could efficiently convert feed into bulk. Such a thing simply hadn’t been necessary before. But as industrialization pulled more people to cities and led to rapid population growth, something of a revolution was needed, and farmers from Herefordshire County in England provided it. They founded a hardy breed that could grow quickly by eating grass and grain, thereby allowing the farmers to quickly and efficiently provide food for growing populations. In those days, the cattle grew to over 3,000 pounds, but today’s versions aren’t quite as large, trading greater efficiency for bulk. Herefords came to the US in 1812, and mixing with western longhorn cattle allowed that even tougher breed to become more efficient, and most importantly, tastier.

  • Recommended Age: 3
  • Size in cm: 8.6 L x 2.5 W x 5.2 H
  • Size in inches: 3.39 L x 0.98 W x 2.05 H
  • UPC: 095866160104
Originally from Herefordshire, England this calf features a characteristic red color and white face. Born at around 80 pounds (36kg), these calves grow to more than 1600 pounds (727kg).