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Gnome Mom

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Shorter than dwarves, but just as stocky, Gnomes live either underground or in gardens, where they search for treasure, practice their magic, and occasionally cause mischief for the big people. Gnome Moms are generous and kind, not as interested in treasure, but always ready for a practical joke.

  • Characteristics: Tiny, round, and alternately mischievous or jolly, this gnome mom loves the outdoors, where she lives, works, and plays. She is fun loving just like her bearded husband, but even more wily.
  • Size and Color: A greyish purple dress and red cap adds cheer to this gnome mom. The colors also help her blend with her forest and garden surroundings. She stands 2 ½ inches high, similar to a medium apple.
  • The Gnome Mom is part of the Mythical Realms® collection
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History Long ago, a family of dwarves moved out of its underground lair and took up residence among the sun and trees of the world above. Enjoying a more active lifestyle but with fewer feasts than their dwarvish kin, gnomes became slightly smaller in stature. Today, they are distinct from dwarves, with neither wishing to acknowledge that the other is a distant cousin. Gnome moms are industrious and cheerful, welcoming other gnomes and kind to other small creatures. Big folk have nothing to fear from Gnomes but the occasional practical joke.

Story In her small home nestled among the gnarled roots of an oak tree, a Gnome Mom stirs a tiny fire from the ashes. Breakfast today will be a bit of roasted tomato, freshly borrowed from the garden of the big people.

Then, off to dig up a few nuts left behind by the squirrels and bury them elsewhere. She always loves that joke—watching the squirrels scamper about, confused, scratching into the leaves and dirt. Eventually she will show them where the nuts are buried, but not until after a good belly laugh.

After that? Maybe a visit to the elves. They’re so serious; they could use some cheering. Or maybe another stroll into the big people’s gardens to find some dinner. Perhaps a carrot will be ready to pluck.

It’s a charmed life, the life of a Gnome Mom.

  • Recommended Age: 3
  • Size in cm: 2.67 L x 3.43 W x 5.84 H
  • Size in inches: 1.05 L x 1.35 W x 2.3 H
  • UPC: 095866000165
Present Status Gnomes are common still, most often sighted in gardens, where they occasionally make off with fresh produce or tools. Gnome Moms are industrious and cheerful, welcoming other Gnomes and kind to other small creatures. Big folk have nothing to fear from Gnomes but the occasional practical joke.