Incredible Creatures<sup>®</sup>

Incredible Creatures®

The amazingly detailed Incredible Creatures® collection features scaled model figures of reptiles, fish, invertebrates, mammals and more. Some of them are even life-sized. With these larger-scaled animal figures, you can get up close and personal with life-like detail that’s perfect for play.

Veiled Chameleon Baby Children's Toy Veiled Chameleon Baby
Iguana Baby Figure Iguana Baby

Iguana Baby

Veiled Chameleon Toy Veiled Chameleon
Collared Lizard Collared Lizard
Pangolin Figure Pangolin


Weedy Seadragon Toy Weedy Seadragon
Bearded Dragon Toy Bearded Dragon
Kevin the Underwater Adventurer Scuba Diver Kevin the Underwater Adventurer
Reef Squid Figure Reef Squid

Reef Squid

Amazon Tree Boa Toy Amazon Tree Boa
Giant Pacific Octopus Toy Giant Pacific Octopus
Komodo Dragon Figure Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

Frilled Lizard Toy Frilled Lizard
Maine Lobster Figure Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

Scorpion Figure Scorpion


Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Toy Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Blue Crab Toy Blue Crab

Blue Crab

Sea Turtle Figure Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

Moray Eel Figure Moray Eel

Moray Eel

Brown Bat Toy Brown Bat

Brown Bat

Spiny Lobster Figure Spiny Lobster

Spiny Lobster

Saltwater Crocodile Figure Saltwater Crocodile
Alligator with Babies for play Alligator with Babies
Coral Snake Toy Coral Snake

Coral Snake

Cobra Toy Cobra


Iguana Figure Iguana


Coral Snake Toy Coral Snake
Chain Kingsnake Toy Chain Kingsnake
Flying Tree Frog Children's Toy Flying Tree Frog
Tortoise Tortoise